Assessing the Impact of Charging Stations


For a party-goer, or event attendee, a charging station is a relief and burden from a fun-filled night where battery life were previously the least of their concerns.

From using the charging station to hail a taxi, check email/social media or to contact friends who are attending an event, the opportunity to quickly restore battery power is an appreciated convenience for anyone with a mobile device.

On the other hand, your venue could offer a phone charging station, enabling your customer to take care of personal responsibilities inside your venue. This helps to extend their time spent at your event or space, and moves their attention away from their phone's battery, making them more engaged customers.

Improved Customer Experience and Loyalty

Many business owners may believe that there is no direct return on investment with charging stations. To the customer experience, charging stations enable:
  • ... The ability to use/share on social media without sacrificing battery longevity
  • ... Guests to capture their experience on camera or video, an activity that most will not do with no/low battery life
  • ... Expose brand to new customers with branded stations
Offering a phone charging station helps improve a customer's overall experience because they're more engaged, and by improving their experience, you can make them more loyal customers.

4G Wifi Hotspot

Beat all of odds of the internet crashing when you arrive equipped with your own 4G LTE internet connection. Few things are more important than a strong and reliable internet connection at a trade show, or other event where potential clients can be courted.

Increase Foot Traffic

Buying, or renting a charging kiosk will also attract fresh new customers to your venue. If several people find themselves with dangerously low, or dead phone battery levels over various parts of the day, they may become eager to access the closest charger.

Satisfied customers are accidental brand evangelists. Once word-of-mouth increase regarding your venue's charging station, new customer acquisition opportunities increase patrons or passerbys take interest in your station. For trade shows and retailers, being able to attract new customers that wouldn't have otherwise visited your location helps feed business growth.

Branding and Sponsorship Opportunities

Whether it's at an event or for your own location, securing a custom branded phone charging station as a smart method to increase brand awareness and recognition. Phase Margin has helped various organizations accomplish branding goals with creative charging stations that represent their company. Learn more about how we can design your custom branding station by emailing Adrell Bullock,