4 Trade Show Essentials For Spring


Trade show season has begun and ensuring that your bags are properly packed before you depart is key to success. And, with all big events, there's a lot of potential for things to go wrong.

With months of coordinating various details, all it takes is one minor mixup or oversight to go over-budget, miss marketing/sales expectations, or have improper booth equipment. Planning a trade show can be daunting, but with the right tips and tools, you'll be ready to handle anything.

Before Your Trade Show

Ensure Form and Function

Establishing a strong marketing presence at your trade show helps further your brand's reach and draw new visitors to your booth. Creating the best functional and visual set up in your booth should be taken into careful concern. Proper signage within your booth area includes clear, visible signage, any necessary video/audio support, product samples or demo productions, branded promotional items, and a method for lead retention whether by sign-up sheet or digital registration.

Add Creativity

Is your company a staple figure at the trade show? Thinking of something new to keep the branding fresh can take added creativity. Display lighting, staging, brand ambassadors and other details can help diversify your presence and wow your visitors. Think outside of tradition to find a tactful and memorable way to represent your company.

Get Connected

With hundreds of companies and potentially thousands more in attendance, dependable connectivity becomes an important concern. Although most venues will have internet connections to provide basic needs, ensuring that your trade show activities that require wifi occur safely and seamlessly. Pack up your own wireless connectivity solution that provides fast and secure gateways at 4G speeds without the stress from the venue's internet. Not sure what you'll need? Send us an email http://phasemargin.com/contact.php

Train Staff

Don't overlook the importance of having staff who are trained to perform the necessary tasks at the trade booth. Inexperienced staff members may miss opportunities to engage, connect with a crowd, or sell products in a high-traffic environment. Qualify your staff through careful training, reviews and coaching to make the best of your trade show experience.